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Greg and I are so glad to be working it! August 29, 2009

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If you look at our dates on our posts, you will see that we have been a little late in posting.  4 months late to be exact.  But we are proud to announce that Our third child is here and healthy!  He was greeted by his 4 year old sister and 2 year old brother.  He came in at 8 lbs 4 oz and 20.5 inches long.  He is now 3.5 weeks old and already 10 lbs.  I can’t believe how big he is getting.

What also amazes me is the comments we get with now having 3 kids.  My personal favorite is that vacations are a thing of the past.  Who are they kidding?  It gives me the perfect opportunity to tell more of my friends and acquaintances about Quest Travel Network.  I love seeing the look on their faces when I tell them that I am a founding member of hte greatest, most profitable travel membership.  Not only do I get to travel, but I get paid for it as well.  Who could have thunk it!  HAHA!

I know this is going to sound crazy but I am looking forward to our family vacation next year. It will look very different from our trip this year as Greg and I are planning on taking our family of 5 plus 4 teenagers from church to the beach next year for a week. We have mentored a fantastic group of girls for 4 years now and they graduate this year. So for their senior trip, we offered to take them to the beach. They are a fantastic group and with our membership in QTN, it will be a great time. Everyone gets to share a bedroom with only one person and we all get a fantastic trip. I can’t wait to tell you how it goes.

So now, when I think about our family vacation next summer, I don’t have to cringe about pricing, babysitting, or boredom.  Let’s talk about how vacations shouldn’t be stressful if you vacation the Q Revolution kind of way.


Quest Travel Network Welcomes The Newest Member of the QTN Executive Team – Tony Woodall August 20, 2009

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Tony Woodall with Quest Travel Network

Tony Woodall with Quest Travel Network

Quest Travel Network wants to let you know we are so excited to have Tony Woodall aboard as our Empower Trainer and Marketing Director. Tony is a fantastic addition to the executive team at Quest Travel Network, bringing over 25 years of networking and leadership experience to our executive team.

Tony created “REIMAGINE”, a company providing life coaching. It also assists people in managing the daily hassles of life and decisions while empowering them in effective life planning. He is currently a personal strategic life coach for several executives, leads life changing seminars, and is a consultant for corporate clients in addition to having a very active personal life himself. His entire professional career has been dedicated to leading organizations in a positive direction.

Tony’s leadership involves a variety of outlets including

  • non-profit organizations,
  • 20 years as a pastor, and
  • business, executive, and personal consultant,

We are so glad to have Tony Woodall as a part of our executive team and we know he will bring only the highest quality experience to help our Empower weekends grow into fantastic outlets to grow your business.

Wednesday Quest Travel Product Series – Quest Travel Advisor April 1, 2009

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qtn-product-series-wordpressSo glad you decided to join us for the next installment of our Quest Travel Network product series on Wednesdays.   I love showing you why we find Quest Travel Network so exciting.  Greg and I are founding members and are very happy with our decision to add QTN as another exciting product in our product line.  We basically entered into Quest Travel Network as Quest Travel Advisors with a few extra perks.  The Quest Travel Advisor is the “premier travel package” offered.  It is also the best deal for your money.  Let me show you how it works.

The Quest Travel Advisor is a simple one time $449 payment and $45.95 a month.  With the QTA membership, you have access to over 2 million condo weeks a year.  You can travel as often as you like and go anywhere with no black out dates.  We are definitely several steps above the best timeshare options out there.

The best parts of the Quest Travel Advisor membership include:

  • Unlimited use of your CondoQuest Membership Card.  This gives you $600 off every condo week you choose to use.  No misprint, every time you use the Condo Q-Card, you get $600 off..
  • Access to market your very own Quest Travel Network Travel Center. The travel center allows you to earn commission each time a vacation is booked from your site, regardless of who books it.  Here is a huge advantage of the Quest travel Advisor membership.  Market your personalized travel center without being a travel agent.  Let them book their own vacation or have them call a travel center representative to help them, and earn money when they do.  The travel center will always be competitive to the “big guys” and we have found that 9/10 times, we have a lower price.
  • Feel free to take advantage of our Freedom Quests.  These are private trips for like minded QTN members who like to travel.  This is one of the reasons we love QTN so much.  So far we have a Costa Rica family vacation, the Taste of Tuscany, 3 nights in Las Vegas, and New Year’s Eve in New York for less than you will find anywhere with other friendly QTN members.  It’s like a family vacation, only you get to pick your family.  The Freedom Quests are fully planned special trips at a huge discount that you can’t get anywhere else.  We buy in bulk so that the discount is passed on to you.  You also get to travel with friends.  This works because you can travel with the same friends you make with QTN or you can bring friends along and introduce them to the Q Revolution way to travel.  What a great marketing plan.  Or is it simply a family vacation.  Both are correct.
  • Earn Quest Points with each travel itinerary booked on your travel center.  This allows you the option to build points towards free vacations.  You earn the points with ANY travel booked off your personal travel center site.  It doesn’t have to be your own vacation.  Use your points for future travel that can sometimes make your future plans absolutely free!  The points add up fast so don’t blink. NO other site gives you that option!

Quest Travel Advisor Membership is so much more than  a simple membership.  It pays you to travel and lets you help others travel in style and comfort as well.  Greg and I love our membership and can’t wait to share the experience with all of you.  Contact us for more information or leave a comment and we can talk.

Check Out Our Weekly Hot Deals March 31, 2009

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So this week I thought I would close out or weekly hot deals series with some of my favorites.  Summer vacation is coming up and if you want to get in on a great deal, let us know and we can help you out!

  • Kuhio Banyan Club HI
    Retail Price: $1765.45
    Member Price: $824.43
  • Park Royal Acapulco
    Retail Price: $1771.48
    Member Price: $829.69
  • El Dorado Seaside Suites
    Retail Price: $2165.25
    Member Price: $877.35

So come on out and join us on a great summer vacation.  We would love to see you there.

Why I Love A Home Based Business Like Quest Travel Network March 27, 2009

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sickOur kids have been very sick this week.  It reminds me to be grateful that I make money working from home.  I don’t have to call in sick every day.  I don’t have to worry about how many sick days I have left.  I don’t have to worry about making anyone mad at me for not showing up and leaving a deadline hanging.  There is no boss to face when I get back.  I also don’t have to worry about being late to work or getting off on time.  I don’t have to ask off for vacation or school lunch.  You get my drift.

That is why I am so grateful to be working with Quest Travel Network.  I love setting my own hours, playing with my kids, taking the afternoon off if I want to, etc…

Why are you still sitting there and haven’t contacted me about working from home with a great product?  I would love to share my lifestyle with you.  It’s great whether you have kids or not.

Wednesday Quest Travel Product Series – CondoQuest Membership March 25, 2009

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Welcome back to our Wednesday product series with Quest Travel Network.  So glad you came back. I must have peaked your interest.  If not, I will today.   We are now into week two and today we will be highlighting the basic CondoQuest Membership. This is our building block for all we do.  It has it’s advantages and perks that you simply can’t find anywhere else.  So let’s get ready to vacation the Q Revolution way!

A one time $199 membership fee with a $19.95 monthly fee is all the Condo Quest Membership requires.  Today I wanted to show you all the advantages of this particular membership.  Keep in mind that when we talk about reservations and vacations, it means you have access to over 2 million weeks among our condos and resorts in over 150 countries.  Most of us would dream of visiting Egypt and Europe but never dream of actually getting there.  That is one of the reasons we love our membership.  Let me show you how you can with less stress than any other search engine or local travel agency.

  1. You have access to our Condo Search Engine and the QTN Concierge Desk to find and reserve your vacation.
  2. With the Q Revolution way to travel, you get a living room each time you travel with separate bedrooms and usually bathrooms.
  3. The classics of the timeshares are gone!  No tours, sales pitches, or annual maintenance fees.
  4. Your Condo Q-Card is unlimited.  Each time you travel, you are eligible to get $600 off the price right off the top.  You still get your $100 QuestCash ATM card when you fax in your form once you are back.
  5. You get the entire list of HOT WEEK DEALS each week.  As you can see when we post a few of these each week, you can go sometimes for less than $200 a week for everyone!  However, you can’t use your Condo Q-Cards with the weekly Hot Deals.  but you don’t have to worry about it with the price anyway.
  6. You can go on vacation as many times as you like, instead of the limited 1 or 2 weeks a year with a timeshare.
  7. You have the option of earning money when you share your travel experience by becoming a QTN Independent Representative (IR).  Come back later to find out more about this really cool part of Quest Travel Network.

I went on my honeymoon with Greg to Sandals resort at Montego Bay in the Bahamas 11 years ago.  Wow, we are getting old.  HAHA!  But we went through a travel agent that was nice but cost us a fortune.  Once we got there, we had a few issues and no one to really help us solve them.   The Concierge Desk alone is worth the membership, trust me!  Not to mention, you get special little perks with QTN that you can’t get with any other travel agent.  We will never travel without the Concierge Desk again.

So come back next week when we talk about the Quest Travel Advisor.  Talk to you next Wednesday..

Check Out Our Weely Deals at QTN March 24, 2009

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Today we have sunny weather outside my window.  I am loving it!  It’s almost 62 degrees and I can’t wait for summer vacation!  Here are a few choices for you to pick from for your summer vacation.

  • Talanquera Vacation Club – DR
    Retail Price: $1849.98
    Member Price: $789.89
  • Sunterra Flamingo – St. Maarten
    Retail Price: $1565.35
    Member Price: $643.23
  • Creole Beach Hotel – Guadalupe
    Retail Price: $1,439.75
    Member Price: $455.59

Quest Travel Network Is A Perfect Fit For Both Online And Offline Marketing March 20, 2009

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plugged-inTod Bell, Co-Founder and CEO of Quest Travel Network, gave Greg and me an update on his trip to Oklahoma.  He was really excited and reiterated one of my favorite parts about Quest Travel Network. It can be worked successfully online and offline, whichever works best for you. I love that part of my business.

Greg and I have been involved with several home based business opportunities and several network marketing products.  QTN is the first home based business we have had that can be tailor made to our family and lifestyle.  The other business opportunities were successful but none had the capability to be tailor made to our lifestyle.  QTN  does.

Tod said “When folks hear what QTN is all about and understand the product, they get excited and jump in.”  That is exactly why offline network marketing works perfectly for Quest Travel Network.  You really don’t have to even push selling the product.  It basically sells itself.  I’ll show you how later.

Online marketing comes in by doing what I love to do, blog, generating leads, and gaining traffic to your lead capture page and website.  This comes with practice and mentorship.  Your job is to practice and learn.  No matter what your skill level, there is always something to learn.  Let us do the mentoring.  It’s what we love to do.  We love helping other succeed.

So don’t forget to simply tell others why you love QTN.  That’s the offline marketing aspect of my job.  If you love online, then get on that keyboard and market.   It’s what we do and we love it.

Wednesday Quest Travel Product Series – Condo Q-Cards March 18, 2009

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We are so glad you came back for our Wednesday product series.  Today we will kick off our series by telling you all the details concerning our Condo Q-Cards. The Condo Q-Cards are designed to give you a great new way to travel while saving a little money. That’s a huge thing these days.  So let’s get started.

The Condo Q-Cards are only $99.  You can use it once for a $600 discount , if not a member, towards any week you choose from our 2 million+ available weeks from QTN.  So all you have to do is  decide where you want to vacation and then go.  It’s really that simple.  Then take off $600 from the top.

The best part of a condo or resort vacation using your Condo Q-Cards is actually very simple.

  1. No blackout Dates.  This is a huge advantage over any other travel engine.
  2. More room. My kids can have their own privacy and sleep so much better in a quiet room with no TV noise or talking.
  3. A kitchen.  This is huge for my family as my kids drink a lot of milk and I no longer have to worry about a cooler to keep it from spoiling.
  4. Access to the QTN toll free Concierge Desk before, during, and after your trip.

The differences between the timeshares and our Condo Q-Cards with our Q Revolution vacations are:

  1. No sales pitches
  2. No timeshare tours
  3. No annual maintenance fees

And if all these advantages aren’t enough to make you want a $99 card that offers a $600 discount, then here comes the best part.  Once you get back, just fill out and fax a form to tell us what you thought about your trip and we will give you a Quest Cash ATM Card worth $100 for you to spend anywhere and anyhow.  It’s your money now.  So if you do the math, you actually get paid $1 to get a great $600 discount on a fantastic vacation.

Hope to see you next Wednesday when we talk about the CondoQuest  Membership.  See you then.

Check Out Our Weekly Deals At QTN March 17, 2009

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I love a good travel deal.  So when I get updates on weekly deals with Quest Travel Network, I like sharing them with you to show you how membership with QTN is a great thing!

  • Barefoot’n in the Keys FL
    Retail Price: $1865.45
    Member Price: $885.24
  • Kahana Falls HI
    Retail Price: $1878.99
    Member Price: $929.29
  • The Jockey Club NV
    Retail Price: $1298.65
    Member Price: $655.74